Cornerstone Adoption & Fostering Service

Based in the North East of England, we are a Christian charity specialising
in offering permanent homes ('Forever Families') to children in the
care of Local Authorities through Long Term
Fostering and Adoption

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6Our Principles

Cornerstone's aim is to improve the future for children and young people in care of Local Authorities by finding loving (‘forever‘) homes where they can begin to grow and develop to the best of their ability. 80% of the children we have placed ‘forever‘ (long term) have now been adopted by their foster carers. There have been no adoption breakdowns.

Our fundamental principles are as follows: 

  • All Cornerstone carers shall be of the Christian faith. However, children shall have a right to follow their own faith, or no faith at all;
  • All children have a right to some experience of positive family life and values, thus encouraging a sense of belonging and identity which will help them to move more successfully into adulthood;
  • Every child placed for whom the plan is permanence shall be regarded as a family member with all the relational rights and privileges of a family member beyond the age of leaving care;
  • Respite carers will be seen as ‘extended family‘; and 
  • The skills, knowledge and services of a wide range of professional and lay people shall be drawn upon to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential, and families are adequately resourced and equipped in their task.