Cornerstone Adoption & Fostering Service

Based in the North East of England, we are a Christian charity specialising
in offering permanent homes ('Forever Families') to children in the
care of Local Authorities through Long Term
Fostering and Adoption

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1Cornerstone is an Independent Fostering and Post Adoption Support Agency. Based in the North East of England, we specialise in offering ‘permanent‘ homes to children in the care of Local Authorities.

‘Forever Families‘

We specialise in providing ‘Forever Families‘ who care for a child, or a sibling group, beyond their time in care. Children who are placed with our carers are loved and valued as individuals and raised as if they were their natural children.

Many of the children we have placed ‘forever‘ (long term) have now been adopted by their foster carers.

Post Adoption Support

Support needs do not go away when children are adopted! We believe that ongoing support is vital to prevent adoption breakdown so we offer post adoption support to families who have fostered and then adopted children placed through Cornerstone.

Parent-child placement

This usually involves a young and/or inexperienced parent who needs support to care for their child in a safe and nurturing environment. Sometimes it is the parent who is 'looked after' and sometimes it is the child. 

Respite Carers

Respite carers help by caring for a child, or children, when their carers need a break. 

Shared Care

Fostering and birth families sometimes need more than just 'respite care'; they need sustained planned packages of support where another family literally shares the care of the child on a regular basis as part of their ongoing plan. Often this is with children with some kind of special needs. 

Young refugees

Many local authorities across the UK are looking for people who have space in their homes and may be interested in exploring the possibility of fostering or supported lodgings for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people up to age 18 for a few days in an emergency, short term or long term. If you think that's something you could do please get in touch with us. Click here to read a very recent article.

Therapeutic Provision

We have our own sessional therapist who is qualified in both play therapy and filial therapy.