Cornerstone Adoption & Fostering Service

Based in the North East of England, we are a Christian charity specialising
in offering permanent homes ('Forever Families') to children in the
care of Local Authorities through Long Term
Fostering and Adoption

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Therapeutic Support

Every child and young person is unique and we are committed to helping each one to reach his or her potential. The children have suffered many traumas and difficulties in their lives and they need specialist help if they are to heal emotionally and psychologically. We have our own sessional therapist to work with the children and their carers.

Play Therapy

Our play therapist usually works in a non-directive or child-centred way. Play is a means of expression for children who are often unable to verbalise their feelings and thoughts. In non-directive play therapy the child is given the space, time and freedom within safe limits, to work through issues and difficult feelings within a non-judgmental relationship.

Filial Therapy (Child-Parent Relationship Therapy)

Filial Therapy (Child Parent Relationship Therapy) aims to strengthen the relationships between carers and their children using play. Carers are taught to have special structured playtimes once a week with their child using a play kit in their own home. They learn how to build their child’s self esteem, respond empathetically to them, and help their child to learn self-control and self-responsibility. Carers achieve the added benefits of developing greater confidence themselves, as well as new skills. The training is carried out in groups and this gives the carers chance to discuss and help each other. Filial therapy with individual families is also offered when appropriate.