Cornerstone Adoption & Fostering Service

Based in the North East of England, we are a Christian charity specialising
in offering permanent homes ('Forever Families') to children in the
care of Local Authorities through Long Term
Fostering and Adoption

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2What do we mean by a 'Forever Family'?

For some children ‘in care‘, although they have contact with their birth parents, returning home is not possible. It is these children who need the security of ‘permanence‘ (a permanent home or a family ‘forever‘). Adoption is of course, for many, the best way of securing a ‘forever family‘, but for other children adoption is neither desirable nor possible. 

Why do we specialise in Permanence?

Sadly, for many children ‘looked after‘, breakdown of their placements continues and moving from one set of carers to another does not allow them to be helped through their emotional and behavioural difficulties. The hope for these children rests with finding a permanent home with skilled, trained, supported carers to allow children to work through their pain and difficulties without the fear of their attitudes and behaviours resulting in yet another rejection. 

Cornerstone carers are committed to providing a stable family life for as long as the children need them, including beyond their time in care. Children are loved and valued as individuals and raised as if they were their natural children. Being part of a family assists a child to feel he or she belongs, so enabling him or her to look forward as well as backwards in a ‘safe place‘; to learn in a natural way from adults and to prepare for independence. Many of the children we have placed have subsequently been adopted by their foster carers. We support our families throughout the adoption process itself and then continue after the adoption order has been granted.