Cornerstone Adoption & Fostering Service

Based in the North East of England, we are a Christian charity specialising
in offering permanent homes ('Forever Families') to children in the
care of Local Authorities through Long Term
Fostering and Adoption

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Tim’s story – from an Adopter’s point of view (names changed for confidentiality purposes)

We have 4 biological daughters and 4 adopted children, with 7 children presently still at home! In 2004 we adopted David, who has complex needs. Unbeknown to us, when David was placed, he had another brother, younger than him, who remained in the care system. We decided to invite Tim into our family in 2006, with a view to adoption. Tim is not disabled, although he displays challenging behaviour, what a learning curve!!

David, with his complex disabilities, was a first for us and Cornerstone and we worked together to provide the best for him. Tim on the other hand, tested us all! School, social workers, siblings and our marriage at times. Our support from Cornerstone, including training, was invaluable. It was comforting to meet with other foster carers and hear their stories and experiences, laughing and crying at the same time!

After a long journey and several hiccups, we adopted Tim in November 2013, a day of great joy with his social workers past and present in attendance. We have loved fostering and have grown as a family, with love and acceptance being at our core. Fostering has been a tremendous source of joy for our family, at times a source of sorrow too.

Would we do it all again?.......... Absolutely!”

Amy’s story – from a Child’s point of view (names changed for confidentiality purposes)

I was put into care and taken away from my family. I thought it was the end of the world, everything seemed to be going wrong. I felt I was to blame for everything. I felt like I was at the bottom of a mountain that had oil all the way round it, so no matter how hard I tried to get up, I would always slip back down. Then I was taken away from my brother! This was very hard for me of course and then he goes and gets adopted and I'm left on my own again.

Just when I thought that nothing would come my way, I heard that a family wanted me! It was like a light at the end of a tunnel. So I went to meet them, hey, it was worth a shot and guess what, they decided to keep me. The more I got to know them the more I loved them. Each of them have accepted me, loved me and I appreciate them. Now, I'm the one who's being adopted and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me".